South Cariboo Farmers Market

Board of Directors Meeting

Sept 4, 2018

Red Rock Restaurant

Call to Order: 7:08pm

In Attendance: Laura Laing, Howie McMillan, Ron Conway, Bonnie Reith (recording secretary), Robin Hunt (chairperson) Missing – Johan Bos, Thorsten Wetzig

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Approved. We had previously discussed how best to share the approved minutes with the member/vendors, and had decided that our website would be the appropriate platform. However, the website is not ready yet. We decided that Laura will send out an e-mail to vendors that the approved minutes are available, and those interested can have them e-mailed to them.

Financials:  We currently have $7849,96 working capital in account. Most of the signage is complete. To date, we have invested $3,933.48 in signage, plus a $600. 00 yearly rental to New Cal Rabbit Farm for the placement of the billboard.

Issue with local business and out of region vendors: Al Roberts, from A&B Video/Arcada Rentals has voiced his concern both verbally, and in a written letter regarding an out of town vendor/member who sells chocolate. Al Roberts concern is that this hurts his local business, which also sells chocolate. We have heard that he is petitioning other local business in an effort to have us ousted from our current location, based on parking issues.

We discussed various responses, and decided that Laura & Robyn put together a polite response to his voiced concern, and also draft a letter to our other neighboring businesses, thanking them for their support, and any suggestions of how we can improve our working relationship.

Canim Hendrix sign install:  We decided to postpone installing this sign until early spring as the post holes will be easier to dig.

Final Market Day Festivities: We decided to go with the traditional baked potatoes, with sour cream, bacon bits, chives/green onions, and free coffee, and tea.. We would purchase bacon from Jamie and ask/pay BJ’s to bake the potatoes. Laura will check with Karen if they can supply the potatoes, and a count of how many we used last year. Laura will send out an e-mail to vendors regarding donations for the “free draw” basket. Robyn will create the draw tickets.

We would also like to get a local band, Front Porch to play one set, during the lunch hour, maybe on the stage inside. Robyn will contact the band to see if they are available.

For volunteers to serve the potatoes, Bonnie and Howie are available. Josh has found employment and is NOT available. Laura will put a call out to see if vendors have family members or friends that could also help out.

Posters, and advertising – Robyn & Johan will get the posters to the printers ASAP. Robyn will cost out radio advertising, and we will decide by google group whether this is cost effective. We will also put an ad in the local Free Press

Christmas Market:  We have a total of 34 spots, with 29 confirmed vendors, and waiting for 3 more to confirm. Robyn will confirm with Wanda that they will have that amount of chairs and tables for us to use. Also, we will stagger the time between when we arrive to get set up, and then the vendors can arrive to set up, to avoid the confusion of last year.

We decided that we would put out a call to interested parties to see if they would like to run the concession, as we do not have the manpower to do it. We also decided that we would not pursue fundraising, as we had done the previous year, as it was not cost effective.

We discussed various musical choices for entertainment. Suggested was “The Eclectical Choir, or possibly a Children’s Choir. Both Barb Hooper, and Tamara Hatch were suggested as possible contact people.

We agreed that we would place an ad in the “Midnight Madness” issue, plus two ads in the Free Press. Depending on the cost for radio advertising, we may also purchase a spot with “The Goat”. As well, we will do our usual poster blitz.

Confirmed volunteers – Bonnie & Howie.

Surveying: Robyn will omit the question from the survey about the Canim Hendrix billboard, as that has been postponed, and will pass the surveys out during the next Farmer’s Market. Bonnie will approach the Management at Cariboo Mall to obtain permission to set up a table to do a survey there on a Saturday. Bonnie and Robyn are willing to do this.

AGM: It was suggested that if we had our AGM a month earlier, we would have more meeting and planning time before the market starts. This last year proved to be difficult to follow through on all our plans, as most Director are also vendors. Once the market starts it becomes difficult to meet and plan ‘on the fly’. We decided that we would set our AGM for January 19th, 2019.

Items we were unable to do due to time constraints this last year, we would like to see happen for 2019. These include more special events, an evening market, and info sessions. We would also like to pursue more grants to host events.

We also discussed our desire to attract more vendors to the AGM, as well as interested members of the public. We decided that a bigger ad in Free Press, our Facebook page, and possibly door prizes may encourage a better turn out. We would also like to encourage people to think about nominations as we will have a position to fill. People CAN self nominate. We will also promote advance nominations. Laura will let the vendors know of this well in advance, as well as the expectations of being a Director.

Next Meeting: To be announced


Meeting Adjourned: 8:50pm