South Cariboo Farmer’s Market

Board of Directors Meeting

May 27, 2018

Rise and Grind Coffee House

Call to Order: 10:04am

In Attendance: Ron Conway, Howie McMillan, Thorsten Wetzig, Johan Bos, Bonnie Reith (recording secretary), Robin Hunt (chairperson)

Approval of Minutes from last Meeting: Approved

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Financial’s: In account $8,221.76, with a working capital of $6,518.76, and $1703.00 earmarked for the Coupon Program. Of the $2,500.00 grant money for signs, we have already spent $1,108.65, leaving $1,391.35 which is going towards the rest of the signs. Ron suggested that we will probably go over the budget a bit, and we all agreed that it an expense we can afford.

All in agreement


• Bridge Creek sign is up, needs minor tune up. The word ‘Fridays’ was missed. Robin has notified Heritage Signs. They will print up the amendment, and we will get it up ASAP.

• South side sign needs to be staked and measured, then ordered. A work party will be set by googlegroup to do this, as well as the Canim Henrdrix  sign.

• Canim Hendrix sign has been approved by land owner at $200.00 a year. As above, the work party will stake and measure.

We discussed hiring a contractor to install the posts, but all agreed the expense would be too onerous.

Howie offered to did the holes, once surveyed, and  with a work party, proper tools, and some concrete, we could do the job ourselves.   

All in agreement

Signage and business card issues: Business cards also do not have ‘Friday’s” specified. We discussed, and decided we could write in “Fridays” if this information was necessary, as needed. We will ensure that the next batch of cards are ordered to include “Fridays”.

All in agreement

Summer Solstice Night Market: We looked at our per market cost of $513.00 to break even. We would need 34 Vendors. We are looking to invite a yoga group, belly dancers, or line dancing so as to

make it an “event’, rather than just a regular market. Robin will look into this.  We may be able to get a special events license, and have Keith serve beer. First we need to know how many vendors we could muster for this event. Laura will e-mail vendors for interest, and Robin will talk it up this Friday’s Market. We need to decide by Saturday as the date is quickly approaching.

All in agreement

Canada Day Festivities: This is on a Sunday. Again we discussed the need to make this an event –possibly asking ‘Lake of the Trees’ if they could again host the children’s events. Maverick Farms was suggested, as was the band ‘Front Porch’. We would need special advertising. We agreed in principle, but need to see if we have the vendors to make it worth while.

All in agreement

Summer Festival:Are vendors interested? Laura will put the question out to the vendors.

Review of Opening Day: We started with a roast worth $131.00 and served from 11:00am –12:30 pm when we ran out of beef. We ordered 10 dozen buns, and required 2 dozen more. We had 8 beef broths with 1 1/2 left over. Went through 2 lbs of coffee, first batch was too strong. Measure better for next year. Increase beef size by 10-15%. Need to bring more sizes of serving gloves, bring our own pots and cooking utensils, extension cords, etc. Highlight the donation jar, plus include who provided thmeat, buns, etc. We agreed to be better prepared with a checklist that Bonnie will prepare.

All in favour

It was suggested that we send BJ’s a card of appreciation for the extra support they gave us.

All in favour

Review of numbers of food vendors: A few reports that we have turned away craft vendors due to BCFMA’s ratio expectations. Robin will clarify with Laura as to whether this has occurred. Though we need to improve our ratio, we do not want to turn away any vendors. Instead we agreed to pursue specific posters, specific locations to poster, and Facebook to call out for food vendors.

We can then have an action plan to predict a better ratio by summer.

All in favour

Issues with outside vendor products and Health Code: First market, issues with 2 Vendors bringing/selling items made by non-residential family members. Our rules state that a vendor can sell items produced by family members, with the intention that they are in the same household.

A motion was made, and seconded to change thewording from “family members” to “household” to avoid further ‘grey’ areas.

All in favour

There was another issue, with a vendor displaying their bread uncovered. This was dealt with by the Market Manager.

Adding Vendors to Google Group: We discussed the feasibility of including all vendors into our Google group and decided that the communication process is already a little cumbersome. Therefore, the majority of the group decided against this. We will be publishing our meeting minutes to the vendors after they are approved, to ensure transparency, and a separate group could be set up for the vendors. Bonnie will e-mail approved minutes to Johan to publish to the vendors.

Grants and Funding: The process for getting funding can be onerous, requiring an accountant to set up cost/benefit analysis. Howie suggested a different approach to this –CRD, Peavey Mart has small grants available, where the application process is more straight forward, and within our abilities. We need to coordinate the information from Robin and Howie to Bonnie, who has offered to take this on.

All in agreement

Workshops and Ideas: Thorsten presented Jkaren’s proposal. She would like to do sewing projects for children in July and August. We discussed the need to have release forms to clear our Market of liability should her sewing machines get damaged, and also a release form if children get harmed. We decided that to adequately supervise 8 children sewing, she would need an assistant. She would like to run this every week, twice a day, 9am-11am, then again from 12noon –2pm. Participants would pay $10.00, and to sign up in advance. We decided to allow her to run it every second week in July and August. Bonnie will try to find generic waiver forms on line, and send out.

There was discussion of other ideas that needed to be tabled due to lack of time.

Vendor Information Website: Johan needs to set a cut off date of June 15, 2018 in getting vendor information for the website, as the busy season has hit. He will pick it back up for next season.

Surveys: We reviewed the surveys. It was suggested to drop the question regarding income. Some subtle changes were suggested, adding more room in one catagory. We discussed survey protocol, and the need to draw people attention and interest, such as a draw, or give aways.

Tabled for next meeting

Date for next Meeting: To be set up

Adjournment: 12:00 noon