Board of Directors Meeting
March 10, 2018
Library Meeting Room

Call to Order 10:05am

In Attendance – Ron Conway, Laura Markila, Thorsten Wetzig, Howie McMillan, Robin Hunt (Chair), Bonnie Reith (recording Secretary)
Not in Attendance – Johan Bos

Approval of Minutes from last Meeting – Amendment regarding the motion to keep our ‘out of town vendor policy’ the same to include that Laura followed up with the vendor who made the request of our decision.
Motion to accept the minutes, with amendment – all in favour

Approval of Agenda – Motion to accept the agenda – all in favour

Financials – Up to date

Old Business
l Signage update

Findleys Sign Update – Spoke with Lea at Findleys. We are still welcome to use that space provided that the sign is professional, and able to withstand the weather ie: anchored with chain and bungies. We reassessed the sign dimensions and decided that a 3 foot by 6 foot banner would be most visible, possibly single sided to reduce costs.
The sign would read Farmers Market, Fridays, 9-2, 3rd and Birch. Robin and Johan have agreed to format the sign with Heritage Signworks
Motion to accept – All in favour

Red Coach/Bridge Creek – Don Savjord has agreed to continue to use this space. The text would read South Cariboo Farmers Market, May through September, Fridays 9-2, 3rd and Birch, Turn Left, and then arrows indicating turn. Johan and Robin will format the sign and send proofs before accptance.
Motion to accept – All in favour

South End Sign – We needed to discuss what we could afford as this would be an ongoing yearly cost. Average rental price for 16 foot by 4 foot is $1000 – $1200. The owner has indicated that he could negotiate the price. We are assuming a cost to have sign made and put up to be about $300-$350.
Motion made to forgo future radio advertising in favour of this highway sign (aprox $1000 spent last year)
All in favour
Laura will contact property owner and try and negotiate between $600-$900.
Motion to accept – All in favour

Canim Hendrix sign – Robin has contacted Lani whose property is very close to the junction of the highway (great visibility) This sign would have the same text as the Bridge Creek sign but smaller 4×8, or 5×5. We discussed affordability and decided that $200 for yearly rental would work. Robin will get back to Lani on our offer.
Motion to accept – All in favour

l Community Hall Update – Robin has been unable to connect with Wanda despite repeated attempts. Bonnie has agreed to speak with Georgia Johnson to try and broker better communication.
Motion to accept – All in favour

New Business
l 2018 season start up
As per FM job description Laura is to call the sweeper. We discussed this and decided we could have a work bee and take care of the lot ourselves, thus saving $100
Motion to accept – All in favour
Keys for hall – Robin and Laura in charge
Traffic barricade and banner – Barricade needs to be built, and banner retrieved from Karen.
Motion to pay Jeremiah to build the barricade $100, plus whatever materials necessary. All in favour

Posters – We discussed the need to have our posters ready for March 24th Seedy Saturday. Our new poster will indicate a call out for new vendors which Johan is formatting, and we will use the existing ‘Market is expanding’ poster with the start up date changed. Bonnie will do that.
Motion to accept – all in favour

Applications – We decided to revamp and simplify our existing application and rules. Laura has agreed to take this on and send out for approval. We discussed the need to have locations in town where interested parties can pick them up. Suggested locations – Jacksons Social Club & Brew House, Higher Ground Health Foods and Rise & Grind coffee shop.

Opening Day and Activities – We discussed our standard ‘beef on a bun’, hot chocolate and coffee for our May 4th Grand Opening. We still need to finalize this plans, so will continue this at next meeting.
Adjourned till next meeting

Food Vendors – With the loss of Ann Arman as a food vendor, and though Gerald is amping up his menu, we discussed broadcasting the availability of the Community Hall’s food safe kitchen to various community clubs. This would a) provide more food options, and b) draw more customers into the hall. We could waive the stall fee for non-profits, therefore costing them just the $35.00 rental for the kitchen. Howie is able to connect with the Community Planning Council, and has agreed to take this on
Motion to accept – all in favour

Music – Laura will confirm with Doug Maxwell that he will continue this year with the option of other visiting bands that may be available.

Advertising – We discussed the need to set a yearly budget for this. Ron suggested we could afford $1000. We could save money on smaller ads , and in black and white, and only advertise special events. Robin and Johan will be the contact people with Martina at Free Press.
Motion to accept – all in favour
We already have an ad in the upcoming Visitors Guide, and pamphlets at the Visitors Information Center. Bonnie will double check that they are in good supply.

Business Cards – Robin will redesign our business cards including our market contact info
Motion to accept – all in favour

l SCFM Booth – Proposed market booth for information, pamphlets, central hub. Discussed viability/necessity of this – more stuff for Market Manager to carry around/set up. We figured we could utilize one of the tables in the hall for this.
Motion to accept – all in favour

l Work shops & Events – Due to time restrictions – adjourned to next meeting

l Photographs & write ups for Board Members – Robin has requested that we do this. Board will work on personal write ups and photos to be planned at a future meeting.
Motion to accept – all in favour

l Surveys – We decided that we would strike a committee of those keen to do this. Bonnie and Robin have agreed to collaborate on this and present at next meeting.
Motion to accept – all in favour

l Google group – We agreed to use the google group to cut down on the long stringy e-mails
Motion to accept – all on favour

Next Meeting- April 14 2018, location to be announced

Adjournment -12;00pm