South Cariboo Farmer’s Market
Directors Meeting
April 21, 2018

Call to Order: 10:05

In Attendance: Ron Conway, Thorsten Wetzig, Johan Bos,Robin Hunt (Chair), Howie McMillan, Laura Markila, Bonnie Reith (recording Secretary)

Approval of Minutes from last Meeting: Approved

Approval of Agenda: Approved

Financials: $8576.99 in account, $1703.00 earmarked for coupon program leaving us $6873.99 working capital.
Motion to accept

Old Business: Opening Day Plans – Previous decision to advertise special events in Free Press – Robin check the cost for a colour, quarter page ad with Martina (Free Press) and get back to us on the cost. We will decide on the expense through e-mail.
All in favour

Beef on a bun – BJ’s will cook and slice, and provide the buns. We will need to reheat the beef in the Hall kitchen, and we will provide beef juice for dipping. Robin will contact Karen to arrange the beef, and find out how much we provided last year. We decided to serve it inside.

Coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. – Robin has the big urns, and has already contacted Keith re: coffee, and supplies

Market draw – Bonnie will purchase a basket, and gather the items for the draw. We still need a chalkboard easel for signage. Laura suggested that Ann Armann may want to sell hers, and will contact her. If that isn’t available, Mike Palka may be able to build us one. Laura will contact him

Music – Doug Maxwell will again provide the weekly music, however Steve Roy, from Momentum Music had suggested that some of his bands might be interested in playing as well. We discussed how this could work, and decided that we could let them play a set as buskers, but continue to keep Doug as our paid music.

Lot clean up and prep – Laura will deal with the spot layout, and we will meet on Sunday April 29 @ 12:00 at the hall to sweep, and tidy.

Posters – distributed to Directors to put up

Volunteers – we have Josh, Bonnie, Dave, and Howie available for opening day

Keys and contract – Robin to meet with Wanda to finalize

All in agreement with Opening day plans

Signage: Bridge Creek Estates – sign is ready to go to printers, and then install.

South side 99 Mile – We need to ascertain whether we can place our billboard onto the existing Remax sign, thus saving the cost and effort of erecting posts. Laura will inquire if this is OK. If not, Johan does have a post auger, and we will be looking for volunteers for a work party. Once we have a plan, Laura will put a call out to our vendors for volunteers.

Findlays banner – Bonnie will check with Lea as to whether a single sided banner would suffice. Previous approval for double sided only.

Canim Hendrix – still in planning stage as property owner has been out of town. Robin will continue to organize.

All in agreement with sign plans

Petty cash: Motion made to provide Laura with $100 petty cash, and float.

All in agreement

Adding Vendors to Google group: Motion to discuss at next meeting.

All in agreement.

Workshops and Events: Tuesday April 24th 10am – 1pm there is a presentation at Horton Ventures regarding grants, and proposals for non-profit organizations. Johan and Robin are already registered.
We would like to get financial support so we can pay presenters. Bonnie will contact CFEC to find out what the going rate is for presentations.
There was much discussion about how to manage presentations – a person could do it at no cost to further their own business – the presenter could charge participants. For example – kimche making, participants would then get the finished product. We could pay for farm related presenters, composting, and canning are two examples. We could have a donation jar for participants. We could host demonstrations/presentations off site, for vendors, and for the public. We would like to host activities for kids.

It was suggested that as Summer Solstice falls on a Thursday June 21st, it may be a good opportunity to try an evening market. Laura and Robin will put a call out to vendors to see how much interest is there. It takes 20 vendors to break even on the cost.

So, with all these options, it was decided that we would gather more information from the above mentioned workshop, and discuss further at next meeting.

All in agreement.

Summer Festival – Reminder that we have been invited to participate in the 100 Mile House Summer Festival in the park. This is a two day event, August 10th & 11th. Table rental is $15 a day. They would like at least 10 Vendors. The Saturday is a very long day.

Surveys: We reviewed the survey drafts, and discussed dropping the gender question, and adding a question about parking. Bonnie and Robin will meet to discuss when and where we will start surveying.

All in agreement.

Vendor Information: Laura will e-mail the vendors to see if they are interested in being featured on our website, provide pictures, and/or participate in farm tours.

All in agreement.

Application forms for pick up: Robin has already contacted Keith, Bonnie will check with Heidi @ Higher Ground, and Jodi @ Rise and Grind if they can be left there for vendors to pick up. Robin will get 40 copies printed out for distribution.

BCFMA news: We received an e-mail from the regarding our farm/food product ratio. In order to qualify as a member of the BCFMA, we need a ratio of 51% farmers/food producers, and according to our numbers submitted last year, we were at only 45%. They have given us a “grace period” to get our numbers up, as we do not have all our applications in yet.

There has been interest expressed by a new vendor to use the kitchen in the hall weekly. This could boost our numbers. Laura will continue to review the applications, and we will continue to promote the kitchen, and our call out for new vendors.

We will need to review at next meeting.

New expense: For $9:00 we can ‘boost’ our FaceBook presence.

All in favour

Next Meeting: Sunday, May 27th – @ Jackson Social Club

Adjournment: 12:26pm