South Cariboo Farmers Market Society
Directors Meeting, February 19, 2019
Jacksons Social Club and Brewhouse
175 Hwy 97, 100 Mile House

In attendance: Alaina Lipsett, Amy Michelle, Johan Bos, Howie McMillan, Laura Laing, Bonnie Reith (recording secretary) Robin Hunt (chairperson)

Call to order: 3:06pm

Minutes from last meeting: motion to approve by Robin Hunt, 2nd by Bonnie Reith

Approval of Agenda: motion to approve by Robin Hunt, 2nd by Johan Bos

Treasures report: The issue with signing authority and membership with the Williams Lake and District appears to finally be straightened out.

Howie and Ron will submit the BC Registry form now that the Director’s information has been gathered. We will use Howie’s address on the form.

Robin has purchased a membership with the credit union as agreed to by the board on google group that the market would pay for another membership as the market needs 3 members on the account” She and Howie will go to the bank Tuesday to finalize the process.

There is $7,888.25 in the account. Expenses for the AGM, BC Registry, and the Domain Website need to be paid.

Motion to pay these expenses made by Robin, 2nd by Johan.

Action required: Robin, and Howie will go to bank to finalize signing authority. Howie to submit BC Registry form. Bills to be paid.

Motion to accept the Treasures report by Bonnie, 2nd by Laura.

2019 Meeting Goals

Google group communication issues: resolved by meeting time

Board member responsibilities: We have a wealth of information on this from many different sources, but feel that we need help in putting it all together. We need to know what is pertinent to our specific needs, and purposes. We decided we would look into a Board Development workshop.

Actions required: Robin will source information on who could provide this service and cost with Rita Giesbrecht, and Shelley Joiner. Bonnie will also seek same from Community Futures, and the Family Enrichment Center. This information will be gathered ASAP, and posted to Google group. We will decide on a plan of action at next meeting.

Motion to follow through on these actions by Robin, 2nd by Laura.

Community Club Update: The Community Club had their AGM February 11, 2019. Bonnie attended and bought a membership on behalf of the South Cariboo Farmers Market. They now have a new Board, who we hope will be more receptive to our needs as weekly tenants.

Our needs include: the possibility of on-site storage, new 2019 contract, liaison with the janitor to ensure adequate supply of toilet paper, replacing light bulbs, etc, lot sweeping, table set up, and keys.

Actions required: Bonnie will be notified of the next meeting. She will pass on this information to Johan and Robin who also intend to attend. We will bring up these issues there.

Motion to follow through on above actions by Robin, 2nd by Laura

Advertising: We discussed our advertising this past year. We used posters, our new signs, newsprint for our special events, and internet media. We recently purchased advertising in the Visitors Guide.

We also spent some money on advertising with Cariboo Radio. It was felt that this expense could be dropped, and to focus more attention to internet media.

Actions required:
 Alaina will take on social media, posting on Instagram and Facebook, and gathering pictures from vendors

 Laura will confirm that Birness Taylor has volunteered to take photos at the market.

 Laura will continue on with our FB page

 Laura will contact Dept of Highways re: small brown hwy sign which should state our new hours

 Bonnie will carry on putting up the banner at Findley Meats

 Johan will carry on creating our posters.

 We will continue newsprint advertising for special events

 Laura will approach the Free Press to see if they will run a story about our market and need for more food/produce vendors.

 Johan will change the name on our FB page from 100 Mile Farmers Market, to South Cariboo Farmers Market

We would also like to pursue advertising on the Community Events road sign.

Action required: Bonnie will contact Brad Scott, Operations Supervisor with the District of 100 Mile House, regarding the requirements of getting a new sign there.

Motion made to follow through on above action made by Johan, 2nd by Amy.

Food/Produce Vendors: Due to the expectation of 51 percent food vendors on any given day to remain a member of the BCFMA, we need some action to attract more food/produce vendors. Either that or we must limit the amount of Arts/Craft vendors at our market.

Robin brought up that one way to garner more food producers is if we could pursue coop marketing, whereby a vendor could sell a coop partners food/produce. This is not the same as reselling.

Action required: Robin will gather the information from the BCFMA website, and will discuss further with Georgia at the BCFMA conference.

 We also discussed networking with other markets, and actively inviting food producers to our market. All directors will do.

 Laura will stress the invite/need for food/produce vendors in the anticipated news story in the Free Press

 Robin and Alaina will promote our call out for food/produce vendors on social media

 Alaina will speak with Ali Williamson of Maverick Farms to see if she is interested in selling at our market

 Laura will pass on the information to the vendors of the BCFMA requirements, and that we may have to limit new applications for certain categories of vendors

 Laura will also pass on the new information of coop guidelines, once confirmed

Motion made to follow through on the above actions by Bonnie, 2nd by Amy.

Music at the Market: Our music man Doug Maxwell has moved away, so we need a plan to find a replacement. We have been paying him $75.00 a day

Action required: Alaina will contact PSO re: any high school students who may be musical, and need the volunteer hours

 Laura will connect with Steve Roy from Momentum Music. Steve has suggested he may have some musicians who would like to play at our market

 Johan will do up a poster requesting musicians, send to Bonnie who will place at the music store up 99 Mile hill.

 All Directors will network to various musical organizations to slueth musical leads

 Laura will contact Peter Thorne to see if he would interested in being the music coordinator

We do have a PA system that is Ipod, Mp3 compatible, which Laura would like to have stored at the Community Hall if possible

Motion to follow through on above actions made by Johan, 2nd by Robin.

Surveys: We discussed the need to get more surveys done before market season starts. Alaina and Tess Rahn had volunteered to set up a table to survey people at the following locations.

Actions required:

 108 Mall – Alaina will contact for permission

 Tourist Center – permission already granted

 Cariboo Mall – Bonnie will contact for permission

 Save-On Foods – Bonnie will contact for permission

 Johan will set the survey up on-line using Survey Monkey

Motion to follow through on above actions, have info ready for next meeting made by Robin, 2nd by Johan.

Market Manager position: We wanted to review the job description, and the various expectations required of this position. It was suggested that being both the Vice-president, and the Market Manager, plus a vendor puts too much pressure on one person, and is there a conflict of interest in doing this. How can we as a Board review this position when that person is part of the discussion? And how do we expand the Market Manager position if that person is also vending? And who is the Market Manager accountable to? We thought that the Board development workshop would help to delineate some of these issues.
Bonnie offered to help with the vendor communication, acting as a vendor liaison to encourage back and forth communications and suggestions.

Robin made a motion to accept this plan, 2nd by Bonnie

Action required: Laura will send Bonnie the e-mail addresses of the vendors

Rest of discussion tabled till next meeting where we will revamp the job description.

BCFMA AGM & Conference: This year the conference is in Kimberly. Our budget for this expense is currently $450. Robin and Johan would both like to with 2 board members we’d be able to get more out of the conference in education and networking for future planning for the market”

Motion was made by Howie to increase the budget by $100, for a total of $550.00. A vote was taken. All in favour

Motion was made to table the rest of the agenda to next meeting, and to adjourn the meeting. Vote was taken. All in favour.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:33pm

Next Meeting: Sunday March 17, 10:00am. Location to be announced